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Criteria For Choosing An Affiliate Program

Variety is a good thing, but when there are too many choices available for a single purpose, it makes the decision making process more complicated.
This is often the case when prospective affiliates attempt to choose an affiliate marketing program to join. Choosing the right affiliate marketing program is critical to your success in this area, and one must be wise in making a choice. Here’s a couple of criteria to look out for that will aid you in finding and choosing the best affiliate program for you.

1. The program is top quality
Always go for an affiliate marketing program that is backed up by a reliable team with the relevant expertise and knowledge. Look into the affiliate product and services offered as well. Do they offer good value and are saleable? Do keep in mind that you will be putting your own credibility on the line when you sign up for any program. If it’s trustworthy, then you will be viewed as such as well.

2. The affiliate product is in demand
Stay up-to-date on current market demands and the ‘hottest’ and ‘to watch out for’ products on the market. A simple search online will help you find out the kind of things that people are looking for and are willing to buy. There’s a good chance an affiliate marketing program is selling that particular product. A product is more likely to sell when there is a high market demand for it. This is good news for you as an affiliate of that program since there won’t be any backbreaking work to do just to get the product off the ground. It will sell on its own, with minimal effort.

3. The program pays high commissions
Ultimately, the affiliate’s goal in signing up for an affiliate marketing program is to earn money. In affiliate marketing, earnings come in the form of commissions – usually a percentage off the sale of a product. Why settle for a low paying program when there are others you can benefit more from, given the same amount of efforts on your part? When considering what affiliate marketing program to use, choose programs that offer higher commission rates. Good rates range from about 50 percent to 75 percent. If the program pays lower than that, you might want to reconsider. It may not be worth your effort at all.


4. The program has a higher than usual conversion rate
Conversion rate refers to the period it takes for a prospect who clicks on an affiliate site to become a paying customer. In affiliate marketing, this can be notoriously fickle, with leads taking as much as 60 days before ever purchasing anything. A good indication that a particular affiliate marketing program is the best one to use is its high conversion rate. This means that more visitors to an affiliate’s site become buyers. When there are more buyers, an affiliate’s earnings increase. To find out about their conversion rate, you can check an affiliate marketing program’s website. Some of them publish this information. If not, you will have to test the product yourself using targeted visitors to see how well it performs.

5. The program offers full support
This is an especially important criteria to look for when deciding on an affiliate marketing program, particularly if you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing. There are many programs that will offer their system and leave you to your own devices without checking in on your progress. If you’re not a self-starter or are wary of affiliate marketing programs that don’t assist their affiliates, avoid these type of programs. Use affiliate marketing programs that provide sufficient information, training and affiliate support. You will appreciate this extra feature in case you run into a bit of trouble later.


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