Sneaky “Legal” Tricks For Jump-starting Your SEO

SEO has been the talk of the town among online marketers. The importance of SEO in getting you tons of free, highly targeted organic search traffic must not be overlooked. Let’s look into some pretty cool legal and Google friendly SEO tricks to get your website SEO juice pumped.

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You must try networking with other marketers. The fastest way to jump-start your SEO juice is to network with other marketers in similar niches, such as by stopping and asking them for a link exchange. You can even offer to pay a fix amount to have your link posted on the front page of their website.

Getting backlinks through Twitter – Recently, Google has announced that Twitter will now be a form of credible back links, so the more people you get on the net talking about your website, the more SEO happy juice you will get.

Optimizing your images. People say that images don’t contribute to SEO because Google spiders can’t crawl it. Rubbish, I say – You can add captions, alternative text and descriptions to your images and use keywords to optimize.

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Organize, organize, organize! If you’ve tried blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress, you’d realize that you can categorize and “tag” your posts. These are great for boosting your SEO juice, so make sure you organize your web content accordingly.

Get your readers to interact on your blog. Social interactions are an important part of SEO now. Even giants such as Google have a new concept called “+1” similar to Facebook “Likes”, which by the way is also a form of social interactions.

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In short, applying these short tips can have a huge impact on your SEO efforts. This combined with good SEO practices can ensure you a steady flow of free traffic.

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